Key Activities

Organize and Educate:  OCHRP raises awareness through educational activities, workshops and public events that highlight human rights concerns emerging both from the Philippines and in the experiences of Filipino migrants in other countries.

Campaigns and Alliance Building:  Through its email network, OCHRP conducts urgent action campaigns on specific human rights in the Philippines, and raise the profile of these issues in the broader Canadian milieu. OCHRP also builds networks with non-governmental organizations, labour, youth, church groups and individuals that share its vision.

Information and Research: OCHRP conducts information gathering and research on Human Rights in order to keep Canadians and migrant Filipinos in Canada informed of the human rights situation in the Philippines and in other countries where migrant workers are found.

Support Programs:  Since 2010 OCHRP has been organizing support for political prisoners in the Philippines,  this has included support visits to detainees from Canadian delegations and has provided material support for prisoners daily living requirements.  In 2017 OCHRP initiated partnership programming with a Canadian NGO to send medical supplies and equipment to Indigenous Communities and to support medical outreach programs and medial missions in remote and isolated communities in the Philippines.

Partnership Development and Solidarity:    Since 2008 OCHRP has been working to facilitate and build partnerships between progressive Canadian organizations and the Philippines.   This work includes building educational exchanges between organizations in the two countries and facilitating programming support for progressive unions in the Philippines.  We see this type of grass roots solidarity as essential in an increasingly global world.




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