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Ongoing harassment, military presence during opening of classes at Lumad Schools

SOS Photo

SAVE LUMAD SCHOOLS. Lumad students from Mindanao who are part Lakbayan of National Minorities picket the Department of Education’s office last September 4, 2017 to protest the continuing threats and harassment against Lumad schools in Mindanao. (Alex D. Lopez/

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Lumad schools in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley marked their first day of classes with heavy military presence and harassment.

Lolit Muya, executive director of Salugpongan Ta Tanu Igkanugon Community Learning Center (STTICLC) reported that five villages in Talaingod town, Davao del Norte were forced to suspend the opening of classes on Monday, June 4, due to heavy military presence in the community.

Muya told Davao Today in a phone interview that soldiers have been in the community since last week and had been harassing their volunteer teachers who are preparing for the opening of classes.

The Army troops interrogated their teachers by asking information of the names of teachers in charge.

“Soldiers even went house-to-house and threatened the parents that the Salugpongan is not accredited by 4Ps (cash assistance program by the Department of Social Welfare and Development) and that students enrolled in STTICLC will not proceed to higher level because we are not recognized by the Department of Education,” said Muya.

Muya belied the military’s allegation and said they can produce legal documents and permits to operate issued by the DepEd.

When asked regarding the reported presence of soldiers in Lumad schools, Capt. Jerry Lamosao, spokesperson of the AFP 10th Infantry Division, in a text message to Davao Today said “(T)he military unit operating in the areas were conducting Brigada Eskwela, distributing school supplies to students in partnership with the local government and DepEd.”

In Sitio Nasilaban, Barangay Palma Gil in Talaingod, during the flag ceremony on Monday morning, drones were seen hovering the school grounds taking video of teachers and students.

“Soldiers even ordered the students to harvest vegetables and bring it to their camp,” Muya added.

Volunteer teacher of STTICLC in Talaingod, Joan Esperancilla, in a statement slammed the “intimidation of the military and paramilitary forces against our teachers, students and community member.”

Esperancilla reported that at least 20 elements of the 56th Infantry Batallion were camping inside the school in Sitio Tibucag, Barangay Dagohoy since May 29.

“The soldiers looked for the teachers’ ID and told them that they will be occupying the school,” she added.

Around 25 soldiers were staying at six houses in Sitio Km. 30, Barangay Dagohoy. Teachers reported that soldiers in full battle gear had been roving the schools.

In Sitio Km 17 of the same Barangay, the teacher in-charge found around 23 soldiers camping within the school premises and when confronted “the soldiers did not offer any reason.”

Teachers assigned at the STTICLC in Sitio Laslasakan in Barangay Palma Gil, Talaingod were forced to stay in the neighboring community school for a couple of days as 40 soldiers encamped the campus.

“The teachers also reported that motorcycle drivers are being held by military checkpoints who would check on their IDs and question who are their passengers,” Esperancilla added.

According to STTICLC at least 241 students and 11 teachers in five campuses have been affected by the military encampment in Talaingod.

Meanwhile, Hornalina Cala, volunteer teacher of STTICLC in Sitio Maligaya, Barangay Tagugpo in Pantukan town, Compostela Valley, told Davao Today that they also experienced the same.

“Parents reported that soldiers went to their houses and warned that they will not able to claim their cash assistance from DSWD if they enroll their children at our school,” Cala said.

Only six students out of 29 who were enrolled during the early registration in February attended their classes on Tuesday, June 5, “out of fear due to the soldiers’ warning.”

Muya also reported that Salugpongan school in Barangay Cabunlot, Compostela town, in Compostela Valley was also not able to start their classes on Monday “as parents were afraid to send their children because of the wrong information propagated by soldiers in the community.”

Muya said they have difficulty in gathering reports from other schools located in far flung areas due to weak telecommunication signal. But they will file a complaint to the Department of Education once the report is consolidated.

“DepEd has the power to call out the military and remind them that soldiers are not allowed inside school premises,” Muya added.

Techer Esperancilla condemned these series of events as violations of international and national laws protecting schools from the presence of armed personnel.

“This is a cycle of attacks on the Lumads that happens year in and out, and we urge the government to be accountable for these attacks on schools,” she added.

Rius Valle, spokesperson of Save Our Schools Network Mindanao, in an interview said Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao has taken its toll in Lumad schools.

“The attacks against Lumad schools vilified by the military has worsened under martial law and President Duterte and the DepEd remain mum on this issue,” Valle said.

Valle said 56 Lumad schools that were forcibly closed last school year also failed to open their classes this week “as parents and teachers are being coerced to admit as NPA surrenderees.”

READ: Militarization shuts down Lumad schools in Mindanao

At least 76 Lumad students are currently having classes inside the evacuation center at United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) Haran compound here after they fled their homes in 2015 due to militarization.

President Rodrigo Duterte in a press conference after his State of the Nation Address last year, threatened to bomb Lumad schools saying they are violating laws for spreading subversive ideas linked to communist rebels he considered as enemies of the state. (

Militarization shuts down Lumad schools in Mindanao

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Lumad leaders condemned the continued closure and threat of closure of Lumad schools in Mindanao.

This was expressed by Lumad group Pasaka Federation of Lumad Organizations in Southern Mindanao in a statement they issued on Thursday, May 23, in time for the commemoration of the declaration of martial law in Mindanao.

The statement was signed by Lumad leaders from Southern Mindanao, to include Jong Monzon, the Pasaka Secretary-General; Datu Kaylo Bontolan of Salugpongan Ta Tanu Igkanogon; Bae Jenelyn Bueno of Sabokahan Women; and Datu Mentroso Malibato of Karadyawan.

The group also denounced the seemingly “silent collusion of government agencies” on the closure of 56 Lumad schools in Mindanao.

The closure forced around 2,209 Lumad students to drop out from schools, Pasaka added.

The group also lambasted the shameless act of the military of by forcing 1,106 students, teachers and parents to claim themselves as “rebel surrenderees.”

Pasaka avowed to the “sacredness” of Lumad schools scattered in various parts of Mindanao, as these abodes for learning were “built with our blood, our strength, and our courage.”

“It expresses not only our aspiration that our young generation attains formal education, but also our struggle for self-determination,” the group added.

With such deep regard to the impact of Lumad schools to the future of their children, Pasaka said threats, especially coming from the government to completely annihilate it, is also regarded as an attack to the dreams of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs).

“We condemn the military’s arrest of teacher Jolita Tolina from CLANS school in Sultan Kudarat as she faces false charges. We also condemn that the agriculturist of our Salugpongan school Dominiciano Muya is still languishing in jail for three years facing trumped-up charges,” the statement emphasized.

Pasaka slammed the continued red-tagging hurled by the government against Lumad leaders and members, averring that “We are a tribe that has practiced our culture and our own system of governance.”

“It is outrageous that the military denies their hand in all these atrocities against our people and our school. Amidst their denial, they continue to oppress us, throw us to jail and even silence us through bullets and depriving our rights,” the statement added.

Despite the heightened military activities in most areas in Mindanao that largely affect IP communities, Pasaka said they will continue to defend their land and schools.

“Our fight to defend our lands is not just our fight, because we protect the source of life, of food that nurtures the people in this region, the farmers and urban poor who are also fighting for their right to life,” Pasaka said.

The group also demanded to President Rodrigo Duterte “to stop uttering words of peace, but instead, address the root causes of armed conflict and go back to peace talks.” (

Lumad school student wounded, mother shot dead in Agusan del Sur

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — A student of a Lumad school was wounded while her mother was gunned down by unidentified assailants at Barangay Salvacion, Trento town in Agusan del Sur province on Saturday noon, May 26.

The Save Our Schools Network (SOS) in an urgent alert on Sunday evening identified the victims as Beverly Geronimo, 27, and her eight-year-old daughter (name withheld).

“Beverly sustained seven gunshot wounds, one in the head, which caused her immediate death while her eight-year-old daughter who was hit on the arm survived the killing incident,” SOS Network reported.

Geronimo is a member of the Parents Teachers Community Association (PTCA) of a community school operated by the Mindanao Interfaith Services Foundation Inc., (MISFI) Academy where her daughter is enrolled in grade three. Geronimo is also an active member of a local peasant organization Tabing Guangan Farmers Association (TAGUAFA).

Geronimo and her daughter along with two other relatives were riding a motorcycle when assailants ambushed them. The group came from Trento town where they bought school supplies.

On their way home after passing Salvacion gate, two unidentified men in civilian clothes halted their ride and fired upon them, SOS added.

The report said the suspects are believed to be agents of the 25th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army.

“Beverly has experienced harassment, intimidation and coercion from different military battalions present in their community since 2009 (75th, 25th, 67th and 66th) since she was a staunch anti-mining activist especially against large scale mining companies such as OZ Metals and Agusan Petroleum,” SOS Network added.

Meanwhile, Amihan or the National Federation of Peasant Women in a statement condemned the killing of Geronimo, citing her as the 21st peasant women victim of extrajudicial killings under the current administration.

“Malinaw na target ng rehimeng Duterte ang mga kababaihang magbubukid at iba pang sektor sa kanayunan. Si Beverly ay isang kakabaihang magbubukid at aktibistang nakikibaka para sa karapatan sa lupa, kung kaya umani siya ng ganti sa rehimeng ito na kilala sa buong mundo na hindi gumagalang sa karapatang pantao ng mamamayan,” Zenaida Soriano, Amihan chairperson said.

(Clearly, the Duterte regime targets peasant women and other sectors in the countrysides. Beverly was a peasant woman and activist who fights for their land rights, this is the reason why she became a target of this regime which is known for no respect to human rights of its people.)

According to Soriano, 125 farmer leaders have been killed under the Duterte administration. The number includes 21 women, five children, five elderly and five farmer couples, as recorded by human rights group Karapatan. (

Volunteer teacher​ recounts rebel-tagging


Jocelyn Samora, a volunteer teacher of a Lumad school in Cogonon, Trento, Agusan del Sur said she was forced by soldiers to surrender as a ​supporter of ​the ​New People’s Army last March 4. (Kath M.Cortez/

Jun. 05, 2018 KATH M. CORTEZ

DAVAO CITY,Philippines — ​A volunteer teacher of Mindanao Interfaith Services Foundation, Inc. ​​in Trento​,​Agusan del Sur ​is now in fear of her life after being forced to surrender ​as a ​supporter of ​the underground ​New People’s Army.

Jocelyn Samora, a volunteer teacher for 11 years in her community in Cogonon, Trento said she ​wa​s force​d​ to surrender on March 4​ this year, along with the ​​members of the Parent Teachers Community Association (PTCA)​.

​​Beverly Geronimo​, who was gunned down on May 26 by gunmen believed to be soldiers,​ ​wa​s ​president ​of the PTCA. ​Samora said she and Geronimo both received death threats prior to the killing of Geronimo.​

On March 4, Samora said they were interrogated by soldiers of 25th Infantry Battalion​, which she said ​forc​ed​ them to admit that they were supporters of NPA and ​that ​MISFI ​wa​s a training ground for children to use arms against the government​.She has belie​d​ the accusation​, though​.

Her name was ​​said to have ​been included in the military’s list of NPA supporter​s​.

On March 1​2, she said “I was forced to state my name and admit that I am a supporter to clear my name” when she went to the Municipal Hall of Trento​,​ along with ​several ​other ​residents in the community.

Samora ​said she ​wa​s being followed by unidentified men riding ​on ​a motorcycle ​and ​fear​ed​ she might be ​gunned down like Geronimo.

​The 25​th​ IB​ has ​belied the allegation ​it was behi​​nd the killing ​of Geronimo saying it was ​”​just propaganda to discredit the gains of the military in their anti-insurgency campaigns in communities​”.

Samora ​has since shivered at at the future of her family​, saying her husband left home ​for fear of being killed while she was also adviced by the community not go home after receiving threats.

“I don’t know what to do anymore. My family is deeply affected by our situation. I am not an NPA. I am a teacher and I am in the community to teach.”

Trend of ​a​ttack

Ricky Balilid of ​the ​Association of Community Educators said ​they have closely monitored ​the harassment and threat to community volunteer teachers under MISFI and other alternative schools in the region.

“We have received reports from our teachers that they are accused of being NPA supporter​s​ or accused ​of being NPAs​ This is an alarming case happening in indigenous peoples community,” said Balilid

​The Save our Schools Network (SOS)-Southern Mindanao Region, ​said ​there ​we​re 2,379 ​students and teachers ​”​coerced and forced to become NPA ​s​urrenders​”​ as of April ​this year.

From July 2016 to April 17​, ​the group ​has documented a total of 534 cases of attacks on schools, ​nine ​of these ​we​re extrajudicial killings including the killing of a student named Obillo Bay-ao in Talaingod Davao del Norte.

​B​ecause of the anti-insurgency campaign in the countryside through “force​d​ surrender”, ​Balilid said this resulted to the decline of student enrollees in respective MISFI and Salugpungan schools in the region. He ​said parents ​we​re scared to send their children to alternative schools because of military threats.

Balili also said that ​soldiers have ​encamp​ed​ in communities resulting to suspen​sion​ of opening of classes.

SOS ​said this happened on the first day of classes ​at the​ Salugpongan Community Learning Center in Sitio Laslasakan, Tibucag, Nasilaban, Km 30 and Km 17 in Talaingod Davao del Norte after school children were forced by members of the 68th Infantry Battalion ​”​to gather vegetables for preparation of the soldiers’ meals​”​.

​ It said th​e​ 68th IB has camped in the community​ and a drone was seen flying above the school.(

Gabriela condemns arrest of women rights worker in Caraga

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The recent arrest of a women rights worker in Caraga region is another misogynistic move of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) with the aim of silencing women who refuse to cower in fear in the face of the continuing imposition of martial law in Mindanao.

This was the claim made by the group Gabriela Women’s Party (GWP) in a statement they issued on Sunday, as they condemned the arrest of Nerita de Castro whom the military accused of being a high-ranking officer of the New People’s Army (NPA), a finance officer of the rebel’s commission in Mindanao, and the secretary of the white area committee in Northeastern Mindanao.

The AFP’s Eastern Mindanao Command (Eastmincom), in a press release last June 1 reported that De Castro was arrested by a combined Inter-Agency Law Enforcement Operations composed of elements from 402nd Brigade, the 4th Infantry Division and units from the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Caraga Region.

De Castro was arrested on May 31 at around 12:40 in the morning at Emenville Subdivision in Barangay Ambago, Butuan City.

Eastmincom said De Castro was arrested by virtue of a warrant of arrest under criminal case number 183304 for murder issued by Judge Lilibeth O. Ladaga of the Regional Trial Court 11, Judicial Branch 28, in Lianga, Surigao del Sur.

But the arrest was the government’s way of making up offenses, the GWP maintained, as De Castro’s apprehension was based on trumped-up charges and of crimes she did not commit.

“The arrest is meant to sow fear among the people of Caraga who dare to expose and criticize President Duterte and his military and police’s misogynistic and anti-people actions,” the GWP added.

GWP also accused the military of denying De Castro’s right to call her family and lawyer and inform them of her arrest and condition.

“Despite her constant demand for a lawyer while being interrogated, she was denied her right to be accompanied by counsel when questioned by state agents,” the GWP said.

The group added that aside from the inter-agency forces mentioned as part of the arresting team, elements from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) from Davao City and people from the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) and the Presidential Management Staff (PMS) also took part during the interrogation of De Castro.

The 402nd Brigade was so quick to claim that De Castro is a high-ranking NPA member in order to be rewarded, the GWP added.

“Only a day since her arrest three trumped-up murder and one trumped-up frustrated murder charges were allegedly filed against her,” the group said, adding that De Castro is a small businesswoman who devoted part of her time towards the promotion of women’s rights in Caraga region.

“She has been a volunteer of GWP since 2006 and actively participated in its activities, including exposing and condemning extrajudicial killings, calling for the lifting of martial law, criticizing Duterte’s misogyny, the oppressive TRAIN law, and various human rights abuses in Caraga,” GWP said.

The group added that De Castro also worked actively in the establishment of networks for women victimized by violence.

“She is a human rights advocate, working fulltime first with the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) during the 1980’s under Marcos’ Martial law when her brother was tortured by the military, and for Karapatan-Surigao del Sur during the 1990’s until around 2006 when she focused on her small buy and sell business for her children’s education,” GWP added.

De Castro also served as the Executive Director of Pulso Micro Media Services (PMMS) from 1990’s until 2006.

PMMS was then the media apostolate of the Diocese of Tandag in Surigao del Sur, under its Social Action Center (SAC).

“De Castro’s arrest is but another example of the US-Duterte’s tyranny and shows that his extended martial law in Mindanao is a weapon meant to quell resistance against his anti-people policies,” the group asserted.

The arrest also showed Duterte’s affront of encountering women who resist his fascism and his need to subjugate them.

“We demand the immediate release of Nerita de Castro, the dismissal of the obviously trumped-up charges against her and demand the firing of those responsible for the wrongful arrest of an ordinary civilian,” GWP concluded. (

Philippine Military Murders Child Near Davao City then attempts to force Mother to admit Son is NPA so they can claim he was Child Soldier

Mother of slain minor forced to admit son as NPA
May. 21, 2018 KATH M. CORTEZ
DAVAO CITY Philippines- Mother of slain 15-year-old Jhun Mark Acto feared for her life after several unidentified men went to their house in Old Bulatukan, Makilala town, North Cotabato.

Jhun Mark was killed during an encounter between the government troops and the New People’s Army last April 21 in Sta. Cruz Davao del Sur.

The military has identified the slain boy as a member of the New People’s Army and reported that an M16 rifle and grenade were found in the boy’s body.

His mother, Marissa Acto,has denied that her son was an NPA rebel. Acto was a grade 8 student of Ricardo L. Ipong National High School.

She said after they buried her son last April 29, several men went to their house several times to convince her family that Jhun Mark was a member of the NPA.

Acto also said that some of the men have asked her mobile number but she refused to give in.

In a fact-finding mission held on May 19, 2018 in Sitio Bayungon, Barangay Astorga in Sta. Cruz, human rights group KARAPATAN Southern Mindanao and Childrens Rehabilitation Center (CRC) have documented several cases of human rights violations.

KARAPATAN said that the military violated the International Humanitarian Law with civilians as shields during it’s counter-insurgency operations.

They have also documented cases of Extrajudicial and frustrated killings as well as the illegal arrest of Jessa Bernabe Lumana, a 23-year-old resident of Sitio Langan Barangay Coronon who was charged with illegal possession of explosives.

They added that one Jellyto Antonio, 43, was also charged with illegal possession of firearms. Both of them are currently detained in Sta. Cruz Municipal Police Station.

The group also recorded a violation of Children’s rights to protection and safety as well as the displacement of 67 families affected by the incident.

KARAPATAN urged the Regional Peace and Order Council to investigate the cases of human rights and international humanitarian law violations and recommended for the filing of charges and prosecution of the perpetrators from the 39th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Sent.

The human rights group also called for the indemnification of the family of Jhun Mark Acto and other victims.

Davao Today

Sandugo blames martial law for spike in rights violations in Mindanao

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Five days before the first year anniversary of the declaration of martial law in Mindanao, Lumad and Moro groups trooped in front of Camp Aguinaldo in Manila to denounce martial rule in Mindanao, which they blamed for the “massive destruction of communities” in the island.

“President Duterte and the AFP turned Marawi into a city of rubbles. Now Mindanao is ruined due to the over extension of martial law and All-Out War,” said Sandugo co-chairperson Jerome Succor Aba.

The Sandugo Movement of Moro and Indigenous Peoples for Self Determination staged a protest in front of the headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines on Friday morning and dumped rubbles at the gates of the camp to symbolize the “ruined lives” brought by the martial law.

Aba said almost half a million Lumad and Moro have been displaced and are being prohibited from returning to their communities.

“Most are still suffering in cramped evacuation centers receiving minimal assistance from the government. Others have sought refuge elsewhere,” Aba added.

Human rights situation in Mindanao

In a statement, human rights group Mindanao Barug Katungod said there were 130 documented cases of extrajudicial killings since President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao last year. The group said most of the victims are peasants and indigenous people or Lumad.

The group also said there are 404 individuals, mostly leaders of Lumad, Moro, peasant organizations, activists and human rights workers, who are facing trumped-up charges in various courts.

“They are forced to face these false charges. Others go into hiding to secure their lives and their families,” Aba said.

The group cited the latest case of human rights violation: the detention of a 70-year-old farmer Clarito Suarez and Ricmic Budta, 17 years old, allegedly by members of the military in Trento, Agusan del Sur last May 9.

Karapatan earlier reported that the two were at their farm when the military was conducting military operations. They were later brought to the 25th Infantry Battalion headquarters in Monkayo, Compostel Valley and were only released the next day.

The AFP 10th Infantry Division belied the allegation in a statement.

“This is the face of martial law and All-Out War in Mindanao – destruction. If the Duterte regime thinks it can to solve the problem of rebellion by destroying his people and his own island of Mindanao – then he is wrong. Fascist measures and repression will only push us, the national minorities to further resist, fuelling even more the existing rebellion,” Aba said.

Aba said the government should instead focus on addressing the roots of social unrest and civil war in the country and called for the resumption of peace talks with the National Democratic Front.

The group urged the President to lift martial law and render justice to all the victims of human rights violations in the course of the government’s all out war declaration against insurgency.

President Rodrigo Duterte on May 23 last year declared martial law in the entire Mindanao island after clashes erupted between government troops and Maute group in Marawi City.

In December, majority of the members of the Philippine Congress voted in favor of President Duterte’s request to extend martial law until the end of 2018.

The Supreme Court on February 6 upheld the year-long extension of martial law in Mindanao. (


ILPS condemns Canada’s ongoing complicity in expulsion of Palestinians

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) in Canada condemns in the strongest terms possible the Trudeau government’s ongoing support for US-Zionist imperialism in Palestine on this the 70th Anniversary of the Nakba.

Nakba Day or “Day of the Catastrophe” is commemorated every May 15 to remember the expulsion of over 750,000 Palestinians from their lands and villages and to celebrate the resiliency and resistance of millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants who continue to struggle for their right to return to their homeland.

For the past seven decades the Zionist state of Israel has continued a policy of ethnically cleansing the indigenous Palestinian population from their homeland while simultaneously cultivating the myth of a “democratic beachhead’ in the Middle East.

Since the foundation of Israel, successive Canadian governments have been complicit in the theft of Palestinian land, the implementation of Israeli Apartheid and the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people in the Middle East.

Canadian diplomats Lester Pearson and Supreme Court Justice Ivan Rand were architects of the UN Plan to Partition Palestine. Canada has provided support and charitable status to the Jewish National Fund (JNF), a key institution in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian lands.  Canada has supported the Zionist State diplomatically – it was the first country after Israel to impose sanctions against the Palestinian Authority in 2006 in an attempt to sow division among the Palestinian political factions.

Canada has quietly supported the building of the Wall that divides Palestinian communities and lands and further encourages settlement.   While Israel has continued to build illegal settlements furthering the ethnic cleansing in the West Bank, Canada has actively tried to prevent the sanction of these activities. In 2009 Canada was to sole country to oppose UN Human Rights Council actions against continued settlement activity and the violation of Palestinian rights.

In 2006, when Israel put the entire Gaza strip on a “diet” that restricted the daily caloric intake of food supplies entering the West Bank to starvation levels, Canada said it was a “measured response”. And while Israeli occupation forces this year have murdered 49 unarmed protesters, including 6 journalists, during the Gaza March of Return, Canada has said nothing about these crimes against humanity.

Whenever Palestinians stand up and oppose the occupation, the ethnic cleansing and the collective punishment, Canada has joined with the US to provide a pass on the most barbaric acts and gross human rights violations. Critiques of the Israeli Apartheid regime are now routinely labeled anti-Semitic, Israel’s justification for any sins.

Nonetheless, support for Palestine and Palestinian human rights is growing in Canada. A growing number of people are joining the movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, despite efforts by various levels of the Canadian State to repress, condemn and de-legitimize the movement.

It is Israel itself that has become illegitimate in the eyes of the people of the world, as the courageous resistance and struggles of the Palestinian people has exposed it as nothing but a murderous tool of imperialism.

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) expresses its solidarity and support with the peoples of Palestine.  We stand with Palestinian refugees and their descendants struggling for their right of return. We stand with Palestinian prisoners who continue to organize and speak out even from the depths of the occupation dungeons.  We stand for the liberation of Palestine!

  • Oppose US-Zionist Imperialism!
  • Oppose Canada’s shameful support of Israel!
  • No to Settler Colonialism in Palestine!
  • Withdraw charitable status from the land-stealing Jewish National Fund!
  • Free all Palestinian political prisoners!
  • Support the Right of Return for all Palestinian Refugees!
  • From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free!