OCHRP in the news


Through ongoing media engagement and other awareness-raising activities, members of the Global Justice Tour 2013’s delegation have been finding ways to share what they learned during their July trip to the Philippines.

Journalist David Koch did a segment during Carleton University’s September 3 OPIRG Roots Radio show on CKCU FM 93.1. It starts at approximately 38:00 on the player here.

OCHRP members Kelti Cameron and Alana Roscoe published an article discussing issues the delegation witnessed, as well as the more recent pork barrel scandal, in the September/October issue of Ottawa independent newspaper The Leveller. Their article can be found on page 10 of Volume 6, Issue 1.

The appeal by OCHRP’s partners, ICHRP-Canada Committee and Migrante Canada, for increased Canadian assistance for Typhoon Haiyan relief, was published in the Philippine Reporter on November 22, 2013. The letter of appeal is shown in a previous blog post here.

Following an October 28 presentation, held in Ottawa, by COURAGE National President Ferdinand Gaite on the subject of water privatization in the Philippines, The Leveller newspaper published an in-depth article exploring the issue. Printed in the paper’s Volume 6, Issue 3 in November 2013, the article was written by Alana Roscoe.


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The Ontario Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (OCHRP) is an activist human rights network of women, workers, church people, students and migrant Filipinos that promotes awareness of human rights issues concerning the Philippines and the situations of overseas workers from the Philippines in Canada.

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